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Aside from the health benefits and the low cost, there is no better way to experience New York than as a pedestrian. You will get the unique chance to experience the city as New Yorkers experience it. You’ll also see how entertaining we can be. Whether it is the bike messenger yelling: "No brakes, no brakes!" or the executive screaming into his cell phone, the streets are more theater than anything else.

The crowded streets here in New York City make obvious what you may not have already known: New Yorkers love to walk. They also love walking fast and with a purpose! And though this may seem intimidating at first, don’t worry; you will soon find yourself moving along at a New York pace.

In Manhattan, where most of the streets were planned on the grid system, it’s hard to lose your way. The grid's consistency also means you can easily tell how far you’ve walked. Just use this simple formula: one mile equals 10 crosstown blocks or 20 uptown/downtown blocks.

So bring comfortable shoes and enjoy one of our Sample Itineraries! Just click on Walking Tours at right.