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NYC.com's New York Shopping guide features expert reviews and recommendations for all New York stores, ranging from boutiques to department stores to fashionable SoHo destinations to vintage to Times Square shopping. And don't miss our all-new Best of New York Shopping guide, packed with dozens of features!

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Best Shopping in NYC

The fashion capital of the world can't help but be the shopping capital as well! Our New York City shopping guide features expert reviews and recommendations for all sorts of New York stores, from fashion-forward boutiques to retro consignment and vintage stores. We've even put together comprehensive guides to New York's top shopping districts like SoHo and Nolita!

Where did Andy Warhol, Basquiat, and their ilk get all the supplies they needed for their art projects? How does Banksy keep himself stocked in spraypaint? For artists in New York, these supply stores have become second homes.
In New York, some kids have more expensive wardrobe than their parents. We're a city that loves keeping our kids fashionable almost as much as we love keeping ourselves fashionable, and the retail stores have sprouted in response to the demand for high-quality, high-fashion apparel for infants and kids.
We don't know about the rest of the country, but barbers in New York are above the cut. After all, they have to deal with the unbelievable assortment of hair styles New York men sport, and believe us, they do it with expert eyes.
It's not just maniacal messengers that ride through the streets of New York on bicycles. While the majority of people here get around via the subway or their feet, a surprising number of people transport themselves to and from work by bike, especially during the spring and summer. Here's where do they shop.
New Yorkers are readers. With eight million people, most of whom commute to work on the subway, we get a lot of reading done when we're going from place to place. We devour magazines, we fold, unfold, and refold newspapers, and we burn through books so fast we have to keep fire extinguishers handy. Here's where you'll find the best selections of reading material in the five boroughs.
When you walk as much as the average New Yorker does on a daily basis, the life span of shoes can drop dramatically. Sometimes you just want something you can walk to death or maybe something fashionable but not unaffordable. As with everything else, if there's a need for it, New York's got the solution, and we've got plenty of great options for anyone looking for some budget shoes.
The best of the best come to New York to seek fame and success, and it's no different with chocolatiers and candy men. Check out our collection of the best places to satiate your sweet tooth!
Without a doubt, New York attracts the best minds in fashion, and, understandably, their inevitable retail stores. From Fifth Avenue to shop-centric SoHo, if a designer's clothes sell, they sell in the boutiques of New York City.
Print may be dead or dying, but graphic novels have continued to thrive. With the surge in popularity of comic books since the new millennium finally saw film adaptations achieve blockbuster status, shops have sprung up everywhere, from the small stores to massive outfits like Forbidden Planet and Midtown Comics. Need your graphic fix? Here's where to get it.
Inevitably, what's in style eventually falls out of style, and what was once unfashionable will, of course, come back around. Luckily, so many consignment shops have been opened in New York that nothing ever seems to get thrown out, and the cyclical nature of fashion feeds much more easily on itself—without eating up your wallet.
Specialty stores are nice when you know exactly what you want, but nothing beats departments stores for spur-of-the-moment shopping inspiration. How would you possibly know you need new shoes until you see the perfect pair in front of you? Here we list the best of New York's considerable roster of department stores.
New Yorkers love their pets, and dogs have always been the best guardians and friends of the city-dweller. But just because the city might be a little smelly from time to time, there's no reason why our dogs should be!
New Yorkers have always had a love affair with cutting edge technology, from radio to cars to laptops and Blackberries, and no one knows it better than these electronics stores.
Hey, just because we live in a city of steel and cement doesn't mean we don't like greenery! With so many square acres devoted to natural parks, maybe it's not surprising that New York is home to some of the most perfectly-curated flower shops in the country, with every sort of bloom available in unbelievable arrangements.
New York women are some of the most fashionable ladies on the face of the planet, and no matter how many trips some makes to Bergdorf, there's one accessory that needs a professional's touch: hair. The undisputed epicenter of style, New York would be remiss if it didn't attract and offer the best stylists in the Western world, and these salons feature some of the best talent in the industry.
Your shopping isn't done until you've matches your clothes with the tried and true accessories for every season: hats! New York has always been a haberdasher's heaven, with a thriving retail industry that aims to block the sun or rain, but not the admiring gazes of stylish passersby!
Thanks to the industry juggernaut Diamond District, almost every diamond in the world makes its way through New York at one point or another, whether in wholesale or in retail. This is, after all, the city that brought you Tiffany & Co.
When a suit is just too much to bear—and when isn't a suit too much to bear?—the fashion-forward men of New York City flock to these reliable, brilliant clothiers!
There aren't many other cities where you'll find that the men are as obsessed about their shoes and their female counterparts. From fashionable to athletic and everything in between, these stores' selections cannot be beat.
It's one of the oldest axioms in clothing: every adult man worth his salt has to own one black suit and one blue suit. These celebrated clothiers, though, make it a futile exercise in restraint to try limiting yourself to just two fine suits.
It takes a lot of music and movies to fill a New Yorker's iPod with enough entertainment for the commute to and from work every day, and these stores are just the place to stock up.
There may be more performers in Los Angeles, but New York City is the one and only American Mecca for musicians. Guitarists as well as orchestral musicians will find their wants and needs easily met by the infamous 42nd Street stores and their kin all around the five boroughs.
A designer hasn't hit the big time until they have a flagship store on New York's fashion-famous Fifth Avenue. From jewelers like Tiffany & Co. to high-end designers like Louis Vuitton and Gucci to more mainstream apparel like Abercrombie & Fitch and Ralph Lauren, if you can't find it on Fifth Avenue, it probably isn't worth finding.
Sex And The City set a dangerous precedent for the shoe-obsessive New Yorker, and retailers lost no time in taking advantage of the fact. But while there are shoe stores seemingly on every corner, there are only a handful of places to get out-of-this-world flats.
If you've got kids, you know they burn through shoes like their feet are made of lava. A quarter of New York's population are under 18, which means there are almost two million feet in need of durable and fashionable shoes. As can be expected, retailers know where their markets are and have scores of stores to cater to the minor crowd.
Almost everyone in New York has some sort of athletic hobby, and whether it's jogging, cycling, rowing, or dodging bums asking for change, there's a shoe to fit it perfectly.
Looking for cheap shopping, and stores where prices are low? Not everything you buy in New York is going to break your wallet. If you need proof, just check out these phenomenal deal-makers!
Someone's got to outfit the feet of the college students and creative underclassmen in this city, and for the most part, only sneakers will do.
The hectic pace of New York life can frazzle peoples' nerves—even if they're just visiting! So whether you're a lifelong New York native or just here for the week, here are the best places to escape from the tension and stress of this modern life.
When summer rolls around, most New Yorkers will do whatever it takes to keep cool on the streets. For many, that means amassing an insane collection of flip-flops and the like. We'll tell you were to find the best selection of those and other types of footwear.
Not all of the ink in New York City is used to retain our publishing industry's dominant position in the world marketplace. In fact, most literally agents will probably admit to have a tat or two of their own (usually hidden under a perfectly-ironed dress shirt). And with as many college students live, breathing, and finding strange things to get behind, the demand for branding has created a real tattoo industry in the city.
If you wear a pair of shoes long enough, they'll come back into style eventually. In the meantime, they'll probably be more suited to the buy-and-sell vintage shoe stores that are scattered throughout the city, giving everything old a chance to become new again.
If you're anything like New Yorkers, you probably clicked the link above this the second you saw "Best Women's Shoe Stores," but on the off chance you paused long enough to read this before diving into the listings, let us assure you: you'll find no better places in this or any city to buy the best women's shoes.
This incredible block-long marketplace was the former home of the National Biscuit Company, birthplace of the Oreo Cookie. Visit for the retailers, who make the place so extraordinary, with great food all throughout the marketplace. The Chelsea Market belongs on every itinerary.
New Yorkers know the East Village as the birthplace and historical home of Bohemian artist movements, counterculture protests, and punk rock madness. But when they think of this artsy neighborhood they also think cheap.
Often referred to as the "Gold Coast" of shopping, one of Madison Avenue's advantages is Fifth Avenue's higher profile, which keeps tourists at bay. A slightly higher altitude on the Manhattan map helps, too, since Madison Avenue's storied shopping district is more a vein of the Upper East Side than it is of Midtown.
Want a tour of the hottest shopping in SoHo and Nolita, the Garment Center, or Woodybury Common Premium Outlets? Our guided and self-guided shopping tours of all the retail hotspots in the city let you browse and buy like a true New Yorker.
This neighborhood shares a border with SoHo, as well as a reputation for great shopping!
While Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue are certainly the best destinations for upscale shopping, no neighborhood in New York mixes cheap and expensive, hip and classic, vintage and modern quite like SoHo. Whereas other shopping districts take over a single thoroughfare, the SoHo shopping district is so large that it's just that: all of SoHo.
The Shops at Columbus Circle represent some of the finest shopping in New York City, all in the super-modern, indoor mall of the Time Warner Center.
You've seen it on TV and you've heard about it all your life, but to actually visit Times Square is to view it in a whole new context. It is loud, it is huge, there are zillions of people, and even when the shops are the same as the ones you have at home…they look and feel completely different in this crazy place.