Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

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The big softies at the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck serve up soft serve with a diabolical range of eyebrow-raising toppings like wasabi pea dust and olive oil & sea salt, as well as more staid choices like dulcet de leche and caramel.

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Various, check Twitter
New York, NY

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@bradslavin Did you read the DOH report on why we have the C? 12 Hours Ago

@Rioni Its out there in some kinda random spots, like some Circle Ks and some 76s! Keep your eyes open, it might appear before you. 13 Hours Ago

@andrewpug @notareej @JoshKolodny +10 for the clever redundancy! 14 Hours Ago

@Rioni I’m so glad that people noticed us around at SD Pride, sounds like the team there really did great. I’m happ… 14 Hours Ago

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